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Dental Hygiene

Our dental hygienists work alongside the dentists to provide specialist advice and support about how to achieve and maintain excellent oral health.

During a dental hygiene appointment, patients will be able to have their teeth and mouth deeply but gently cleaned, removing stains and bacteria from every surface, including hard-to-reach areas.

The hygienist will also demonstrate the most effective ways to look after your teeth and mouth at home, with a focus on prevention to ensure the best dental health. As part of a patient’s individual treatment plan, it is sometimes the case that they will require a series of appointments with one of our dental hygienists before more complex work is carried out.

In this way, the team can ensure that your mouth is as healthy as possible before any restorative or cosmetic dental work meaning that any further treatment is likely to be much more effective.

Often hygienists and our gum disease specialists (periodontists) need to work together to stop, reduce and cure gum infections. Our clinicians will take the time to fully explain their recommendations and treatments to you, giving you the chance to ask any questions you may have so you can make informed decisions and your dental work.

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